Day Eight – The Upper Room

Day 8 has numerous stops as we tromped all over the city of Jerusalem.  I’ll break them up into separate posts.  The day begins with a visit to Mt. Zion on the south side of the Old City to visit the Upper Room where Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper.


We begin strolling through the streets and alleys.


Nearby the Upper Room is a statue of King David and where in centuries past his burial was remembered, as Holy Scripture says he was buried in the City of David.  Byzantine Pilgrims thought that it was referring to this area.  This part of Jerusalem, however, was not inhabited in the days of King David.  The city hadn’t grown that large.  The historic remembrances remain, but the location isn’t correct.


Outside the Upper Room.


As the description shows, the Upper Room is another one of those locations that has gone through many changes and reconstructions resulting in the room no longer looking like it once looked, assuming the tradition is correct that this is in fact the geographic location within Jerusalem where Jesus gathered with the disciples.


A view of the room.


Evidence of its years as a Muslim mosque under Ottoman control, with a prayer niche facing Mecca.


Up on the rooftops in this area.  Considered a very important place after the Jewish state was established in Israel, but before they were able to gain access to Jerusalem from the Jordanians.  This was the closest point to the Temple Mount and the location where the Holy of Holies once stood.  The view is now blocked by the trees that have grown up.


Note the bullet holes in the rock surrounding the gate into this area of the city.  This is the area controlled by Jordan, until Israel took control of it in the 6 Day War.


And what is this grand ancient structure?


The public bathrooms, of course.


And a cat.


Remains of the major Roman (Byzantine era) road through town along which shops would have been set up in the archways and business was conducted.


A mandarin tree growing in a courtyard.  Yoel grew up playing here after school and had his wedding pictures taken here with his wife whose native language is Mandarin.


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