The Temple Mount

Our next stop is the Temple Mount.  Of course, the temple itself no longer stands, having been destroyed by the Romans in 70 A.D., just as Jesus predicted to his disciples when he said of that structure that no stone would be left standing upon another.  What can be seen today is only the foundation on which Jesus, his disciples, and the temple were then standing.  Even portions of the temple mount have been damaged and rebuilt since then.


The stairs leading up to the temple remain.  You can see the newer steps that have been added mixed in together with the original steps from Jesus’ day which are much more worn.


It was normal for a rabbi to bring his students to these steps for instruction outside the temple compound.


Here you can see the walled up remnants of the gates into the city (to the right above the bushes).  These gates, from a later period, stand essentially where the gates that Jesus would have know once stood.


Up we go toward the gates.


Seeing the large original foundation stones for the temple mount retaining wall.


To the left of Yoel’s arm are the blocks from Herod’s construction.  Behind Yoel and beyond are later blocks added in (by the Muslims, I believe, but my brain has heard so much information at this point that you really should double check anything you read here!!) to cover over this gate that would lead to more stairs ascending to the temple mount.


Coming back down gives another view of the ancient weathered steps and newer steps side by side.


Looking down (some of) the length of the western wall, one sees jumbled piles of rocks that were cast down by the Romans from the top of the Temple Mount.


A corner piece from high up on the mount is now found below.  There is an inscription in the stone talking about the trumpeters and a carved out section where the trumpet player would stand to play over the city.


The remains of the corner piece, standing platform and the partial inscription above the platform.


Temple cat.


Temple cat.


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