Yad Vashem – Holocaust Memorial Museum

The morning of Day Nine saw us still in Jerusalem and off for another day full of history and exploration. This day, however, began with a visit to Yad Vashem – the Holocaust Memorial Museum located in Jerusalem. We spent about two hours being guided by Yoel through the various galleries and memorials that filled the site’s campus.

We were not allowed to take pictures within the museum itself, so in lieu of our own photos, I’ll link the separate galleries and memorials that we visited down below for you. There is also a virtual tour for you provided by the memorial museum itself.

Yad Vashem Overview


Hall of Names (Commemoration Site)

Hall of Remembrance (Commemoration Site)

Children’s Memorial (Commemoration Site)

Yad Vashem Virtual Tour

There have been many things said and written about the atrocities carried out by the Nazi regime of the 1930s and 1940s against the European Jewish population, and the lack of response or action from the surrounding peoples and nations. I will not try and come up with a clever saying or phrase to describe any of what has already been well documented and recorded for us concerning this dark period in human history. However, leaving this post with Psalm 10 gives us a moment to break our hearts anew at the sinfulness of our broken, sinful human nature and also to throw ourselves on the Lord’s strength, comfort, justice, and salvation as we walk this barren land of sorrow.

May we always remember those lost and those lives taken away so violently and carelessly.

A short but deeply impactful post about our Day Nine morning. Look below for our “afternoon sessions” for Day Nine! ~Dcs. Holly


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