Genesis Land

A trip back in time to Genesis Land.


The time traveling camels.  Yes, we will be riding them!


Behold, Eliezer of Damascus, servant of Abraham.


And, then, we meet Abraham himself.  The Scriptures tell us he came from Ur.  What they neglect to mention is that before entering the Promised Land, he also spent many years in Grand Rapids.


In the tent of Abraham, listing to the tales of old.


Sharing hospitality over dried fruit and tea.


A view of the land, not unlike what Abraham and Lot would have seen as they decided to separate their flocks and each move into their own territories.  Note the haze in the air.  Winds carrying dust clouded the view for several days at the end of week 2.  While it wasn’t a dust storm, per se, and we didn’t feel the grit blowing through the air, visibility was greatly reduced.


Professional Church Worker transportation.  Even the camel is smiling.


All loaded up.


Off we go.  Yes, there is a precipitous drop off on the right hand side of the trail.  Worse, all the camels are tied together.  One goes, we all go!


Safely (?) back to the camel parking lot.  When a camel kneels down, it is comparable to the most exciting amusement park ride you can think of.  If you are not holding on tight, you are provided with the opportunities to be thrown off both forwards and backwards.  Overall, the camels are fun for a 4 minute ride.  Any trips longer than that and I’ll choose Menachem’s bus!


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